Mezrah Consulting was founded in Tampa, Florida in 1994 by Todd Mezrah.

Prior to Mezrah Consulting, Mr. Mezrah worked in Los Angeles for two different executive benefit consulting firms.  Mr. Mezrah worked first as a financial analyst analyzing plans for Fortune 500 companies and, later, in a consulting capacity advising small to mid-market companies.

In 1994, at the age of 29, Mr. Mezrah implemented Mezrah Consulting’s first deferred compensation plan and supplemental executive retirement plan for a Fortune 1000 company.  This client was the catalyst needed to provide the firm with the credibility to acquire additional corporate clients.  To date, Mezrah Consulting has worked with over 300 companies across the country in over 12 different industries and is considered one of the leaders in the industry.

During Mezrah Consulting’s first year in operation, Mr. Mezrah functioned as the lead for all marketing, sales, financial analysis, accounting, and plan administration; a one-person firm with a relentless passion for the business of providing companies with best in class consulting as well as guidance on designing, funding, and administrating benefit plans for C-level executives and other highly compensated employees.  This passion and pursuit to be the best with the understanding that nothing is more important than the client relationship continues today with help from a seasoned team of professionals.  This team has disciplines that span from accounting and financial analytics to information technology, account management, and compliance.

Mezrah Consulting is a national firm with clients in 17 states. The firm takes pride in having developed its own proprietary administration solution called mapbenefits.  This platform is cloud-based with custom functionality that is unmatched within the industry. Moreover, a formal commitment to training is anchored by MezU, which focuses on the commitment to “Service without Space.”  The company’s innovation includes a focus on product, solutions, and service initiatives that are all driven by the firm’s think tank known as Blackchalk.  It is these differentiators, combined with the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit and consultative approach, which has made it successful throughout its 25-year history.

Mezrah Consulting by the Numbers

History Years Consulting
25 Years
History Companies Served
300+ Companies
Consulted With
History Executives Served
250+ Participating
C-Level Executives
History Industries Served
12 Industries